What Is a Certified Nursing Assistant? A Certified Nursing Assistant, or CNA, is a person who assists patients or clients with healthcare needs under the supervision of a Registered Nurse (RN) or a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). Also known as a Nursing Assistant (NA) a Patient Care Assistant (PCA) or a State Tested Nurse Aid (STNA), the individual who carries this title also carries a high level of experience and ability; however, issues of liability and legality prevent the CNA from performing certain procedures.

Your title as a nursing assistant will vary depending upon where you work or live. In addition to the number of titles, nursing assistants can work in a wide variety of settings. Nursing homes, hospitals, adult day care centers, personal homes and assisted living facilities all require nursing assistants to act as a helpful liaison between the RN or LPN and the patient. In many cases, the nursing assistant serves as the RN's or LPN's eyes and ears.

More Information About Becoming a CNA

The nursing assistant provides basic needs for patients of any age, ethnicity or gender as they work under supervision. Since nursing assistants have daily contact with patients, they are key to providing vital information about the patients' conditions to their supervisors. This job sometimes is difficult, because the workload can become intense and fast-paced. But, many CNAs profess that this job is rewarding. A desire to help people and compassion for patients helps the nursing assistant during difficult days.

The successful CNA usually is engaged with patients and supervisors and feels essential to patients' health conditions. Good interpersonal skills with an emphasis on being a team player are especially valuable traits for all health care workers, along with good training.

Nursing shortages provide the nursing assistant many challenges, and turnover rates for this profession are high because of this shortage. On the other hand, this shortage provides more jobs for those who are intent on working in this job. The demand for CNAs is high, especially among those institutions that provide quality care to the elderly. Many health care facilities recognize the important role that a qualified and compassionate CNA can play in their quality of care offered. Additionally, a CNA can find support through organizations such as the National Association of Health Care Assistants.

The important thing to remember is that every state is different in regards to amount of time required for training and testing and the type of environment where you'd like to work. Before you begin your nursing assistant training, contact your State Nurse Aide Registry and/or State Licensing Board to learn about their requirements. You also might check the requirements for nursing assistants in any state where you'd like to work to make sure you meet those qualifications.

The economic slow down has affected most of the service sector, where employed service personnel are retrenched every third day and professionals are finding it difficult to maintain their current job. The sword of dismissal is on their head every hour and new jobs are difficult to come. But, there is one sector, which is least effected by economic slump, instead it is booming day by day. The Health care field is growing at a faster rate and there are huge job opportunities in this sector for CNAs and other nursing professionals with attractive salary.

Why CNA Jobs are on the Rise

  • Rapid increase of aging population all over America.
  • Baby booms
  • Common people have become more conscious for their better health.
  • Very short certified nurse aide training programs
  • Easy availability of jobs due to shortage of CNAs in various hospitals, nursing homes, long term care units, home practice setting, adult care centers and other health care centers.

It is also necessary to understand that there are numerous factors, which have its direct affect on the earnings of CNAs. For example, a CNA earns better in New York City as compared to nurse aide working in North Dakota. Similarly, an experienced certified nurse assistant gets better pay, when comparing with the wages received by fresh CNAs. In the same way a CNA working in the nursing homes gets higher remuneration than, CNA working as home aides. Certified nurse assistant in intensive care unit is paid better than nurse aides employed in more low key areas.

Important Factors Affecting CNA Salary

  • Higher the experience better will be the salary of certified nurse assistant.
  • Urban based CNAs earn higher than rural based nurse aides.
  • CNAs working in metropolitan cities earn higher wages due to higher standard of living in these cities.
  • Types and size of facility also decides the earning of nurse assistants.
  • Location of facility plays an important role in CNA salary.
  • Certified Nurse Assistants working in different designations, position and facility have variation in their wages.
  • Education, qualification and certification also have its impact on the compensation of nurse aides.
  • These reasons, makes it essential for a CNA to remember such given points, while they plan to join any health care center as a CNA or plan to start their career in nursing field.It is also noteworthy to note that according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics Office of Occupational Statistics and Employment Projection, it is the projection that the demand of CNAs in different health care centers will see a growth rate of 28% and salary of CNAs will see fasted hike in coming years within America.

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